Lifetime Achievement Award

Previous Winners
2009 – Carol and Myron Jackson
2010 – None Given
2011 – Gene Lee
2012 – Richard Snowberg
2013 – Jim Gorgans
2014 – Lee Mullally
2015 – Bruce Johnson
2016 – Ronnie Cross

Consideration for this award is based upon:

  • A substantial number of years as an active member of WCA
    Leadership in the association (i.e.: served as an elected and/or appointed official or
    major committee chairperson)
  • Support for the Association through frequent published articles in Clowning Around,
    attended a number of WCA conventions, and served as a committee member
  • Assistant in the improvement of the association through development and/or revisions
    to the WCA’s by-laws, handbooks, and/or competition rules.
  • A high standard of ethics in the area of clowning and his/her personal life


Please provide as many of the following as possible:

  • Biography specifically focusing on the individual’s WCA achievements.
  • Number of years the candidate has been a member of WCA
  • List of offices and committee memberships or chairs for which the candidate served
  • An approximate number of articles the candidate wrote for Clowning Around magazine
    WCA conventions attended by the candidate
  • Work done on unique WCA initiatives (i.e.: creation of new programs, hosting a WCA
    convention, etc.)
  • Work done in representing and/or promoting the WCA outside the association.
  • Noteworthy creation of copy or revisions of text in various WCA handbooks.
  • List of awards (i.e.: WCA Clown of the Year, any special President’s awards).

Award Limitations:

  • Award can be presented to a living member or posthumously.
  • This is a once-in-a-lifetime-of-service award
  • The award may or may not be presented annually depending upon a qualified individual
    being nominated, as judged by the Lifetime Achievement Award Committee.
  • Members of the Selection Committee may not receive the award nor submit
    nominations for the award.
  • Members of the Executive Committee are not eligible for this award.

All submissions should be made to the current lifetime achievement award chair