Caring Clowning

There is significant interest on the part of clowns to know more about Caring Clowning. While our magazine Clowning Around will continue to offer periodic articles dealing with caring clowning, space is not great enough to share with members all that is becoming available. To help fulfill this need, the WCA’s Caring Clown Advisory Committee has assembled an interesting array of articles concerning this developing field. On a regular basis additional materials will be added to this site.

Birthday Parties in Unique Places

Caring Clowning Research

Essential Tips, Techniques, and Policies for Training Hospital Clowns

History of Caring Clowning in Canada

Hospitals with Caring Clowns

Humor in our Language/Expressions

Ten Keys for Caring Clowning

Useful Caring Clown Websites

Caring Clowning Code of Ethics

Available to Read Online Now:

 Click here for a directory of Caring Clown Hospitals (2015)

The Joyful Journey of Hospital Clowning

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to read excerpts

Caring Clown Patch’s are Available for a Donation of $2 plus shipping